Sceintific Programme

The scientific program will have a blend of clinical medicine and cutting edge research. The program will include workshops, symposia, debate,CPC, quiz, etc., to suit different needs of the attendees. This year we plan to introduce ‘Meet the Professor’ session for closer interaction, and poster tours for giving due importance to original work done in our country.

Pre-conference program (Nov 30)
  • Basic and Translational Immunology course (full day)
  • Fibromyalgia and Soft tissue Rheumatism (full day)
  • IFA workshop (full day)

The registration fee for these is Rs 1000. Register early as slots are limited.

Meet the Professor

Meet the Professor session between 8-9 AM will provide in-depth discussion within a small group,with an eminent international/nationalfaculty. The topics will include management and diagnostic issues. Participants will be provided Box breakfast at the venue. Details of topics will be announced soon on the website.

The registration fee for these is Rs 500. Register early as slots are limited.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group Meetings are organized by the coordinator of that group. The participation is usually by invitation. However, if any registered participant is interested in attending them, please indicate it in the registration form.

  • MyositisDr. Liza Rajasekhar
  • FibromyalgiaDr. B G Dharmanand
  • VasculitisDr. Debashish Danda
  • JIADr. Sujata Sawhney
  • Sjogren SyndromeDr. Sapan Pandya
  • Multi-Institutional SLE Network ProjectDr. Amita Aggarwal

' Some more workshops may be announced soon on the website. '