Annual Conference Of

Indian Rheumatology Association



4th December 9 am to 5 pm &
5th December 9am to 1 pm 2018

  • Hands on experience for each joint
  • 1& 1/2 day duration
  • Intended for beginners and intermediate level
  • Registration: limited to 25 participants (on a 1st come 1st serve basis)
  • Faculties:

    Dr. Jemima Albadya USA
    Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar
    Dr. Mohit Shah
    Dr. Upasana Mishra Baruah
    Dr. Amit Sahu
    Dr. Raghav Agarwal
    Prof. SonjjayPande
    DR. P D Rath
    Dr. Parasar Ghosh
    Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Parida
    Dr. Puja Srivastava
    Dr. Silas Nelson
    Dr. RN Mishra
    Dr. Ved Chaturvedi

  • The workshop fee: INR 5000/- for Indian nationals and INR 25000/- for others)

Course Objectives:
After attending the course, participants should be able to

  • Understand the principles and methodology of laboratory techniques (Agglutination, IIF, ELISA, Line blots) employed in carrying out tests for various auto antibodies.
  • Analysis and Interpretation of laboratory results.

Course Description:

  • The course is intended for fellows, trainees, young rheumatologists in practice and laboratory personnel. It will cover indications of autoantibody tests, Principles of antigen-antibody interaction, Principles and methodology of laboratory techniques; Agglutination, ELISA, indirect immunofluorescence, Line blot assays and automated systems. Hands-on training (ANA, ANCA, Line blot assay) during the workshop will give an insight to various laboratory techniques to the attendees and idea about the common problems that arise in lab and how to troubleshoot them.


Dr. Vikas Agarwal
Dr. Anupam Wakhlu
Dr. Parasar Ghosh
Dr. Sajjan Shenoy N
Dr. Durga Prasanna Misra

  • The workshop fee: INR 1000/-

This course is intended for practicing Rheumatologists, Rheumatology/clinical immunology trainees and Physiotherapists working with Rheumatology units. Non- Inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders form a significant percentage of Rheumatology clinical practice. Training in these disorders is often not the focus during super/subspecialty training in India and Abroad. The course intends to revise relevant applied anatomy, principles of soft tissue diagnosis. It also intends to highlight approach to common disorders like Non-Inflammatory LBA, Regional pain, Fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain syndrome.

The course also intends to enable the rheumatologist to order a physiotherapy modality with confidence and with a better understanding. Basic principles of exercise therapy would be covered. Basic principles of CBT and the importance of psychology in pain management would be explained. Principle of management techniques including trigger point release, dry needling, therapeutic massage and exercise therapy would be demonstrated.


Dr. BG Dharmanand
Dr. Vishad V
Dr. Hirachand Mutagi
Mrs. Nitu Tiwari
Dr. Prem V
Mr. Sudhir Sake
Dr. Ashish Badke

  • The workshop fee: INR 1000/-
  • Introduction to Research
  • How to get research ideas
  • Study designs
  • Data collection, collation and analysis (on spreadsheet)
  • Designing a study (Hands on, interactive)
  • Making sense of data (Statistics simplified)
  • Introduction to various soft wares and their usage Learning lessons
  • Knowledge sharing: Giving an up-to-date knowledge of the various processes involved in the manuscript writing
  • Interactive “hands on” session: Unique “hands on” session dealing with each aspect of manuscript writing with small group of participants
  • Tips for successful publication: How to improve the chances of manuscript acceptance.
  • Predatory journals, Publication misconducts and other pitfalls
  • Faculties:

    Air Cmde (Dr ) S Shankar
    Dr. AT Atal
    Dr. Saurabh Malaviya
    Col. (Dr) Arun Hegde
    Dr. Vinod Ravindran
    Molly Thaba
    Sham Santhanam
    Lt.Col.Dr. Ashwini Kumar
    Rajendra Varaprasad
    Amit Kansal

  • The workshop fee: INR 1000/-

to learn assessment of systemic sclerosis from the best like Dr. Dinesh Khanna, Dr. Vikash Aggarwal, Dr. Sahajal Dooria

  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-

Objectives of the workshop:
To learn the different Rehabilitative Procedures in practice for the Rheumatic Patients

Learning lessons :
Indroduction: a. Rehabilitation b. Rheumatic Diseases
Physical Therapy: a. Modalities b. Excercises
Occupational therapy
Assistive Devices
Invertention: a. Intraarticular Procedures b. Intralesional Procedures c. PRP d. Nerve blocks
Disease wise management


Prof. Alakendu Ghosh
Prof. R N Haldar
Dr. Pradyut Sinha Mohapatra
Dr. Saumen Kumar De
Dr. Tanvir Ahmed
Dr. Vasundhara Ghosal
Mr. Akash Das

  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-

Internet & mobiles have found their way in our day to day personal & professional life. The way we use it can either boost our productivity & professional image while at the same time, improper use can lead to irreparable damage to the same. He hereby would like to introduce the Techmed workshop for the smart use of internet, social media & the mobile technology.

  • Smart Apps for Smart Docs
  • Internet Social Media - Dos and Donots
  • Internet Security - Phishing and Passwords
  • Power point for Powerful Presentation


Dr. Taral Nagda
Dr. Mahesh Kharde
Dr. Neeraj Bijlani
Dr. Shashank Akerkar

  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-

Learning objectives

  • At the end of the workshop the participants would get an overview of DEXA scanning including indications, interpretation, treatment response and reporting.
  • They will be familiar with special techniques of DXA like vertebral fracture assessment and Paediatric DXA would be highlighted.
  • They will be able to apply Fracture Risk Assessment Tool FRAX in the Indian context understanding its limitations.
  • They will be familiar with reporting DXA scans after the practical session.


  • Introduction and overview –Dr Ira Pande (40min)
  • Endocrine perspective – Dr Manash Barua (40min)
  • DEXA & FRAX – the Indian perspective and Special situations - Paediatric DXA, VFA, Whole body - Dr Venkatachalam (40min)

Break 15 min

  • Practical session (90min) – participants break into 3 groups and rotate – this will provide participants to discuss virtual cases with DEXA reports facilitated by faculty and the opportunity to ask questions or share any difficult case
  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Introduction to one of the simplest and non-invasive nailfold video capillaroscopy (NVC) technique in the field of rheumatic diseases
  • Importance of NVC in the early diagnosis of the scleroderma spectrum disorders, its predictability and prognostic value
  • Hands on experience with the instrument for recording various NFC parameters
  • Insight into different devices and techniques for NFC

Learning lessons:

  • Importance of NFC in clinical Rheumatology
  • Interpretation of NFC findings


Gp. Capt. (Dr ) Vivek Vasdev
Gp. Capt. (Dr ) S Kartik
Col. (Dr) Arun Hegde
Col. (Dr.) GD Choudhury

  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-


Dr. Vinod Chandan
Dr. Anupam Wakhlu
Dr. Ashish Mathew
Dr. Ajesh Maharj

  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-


Prof. Aman Sharma
Dr. Durga Prasanna Misra
D Phani Kumar
Dr. Shankar Naidu

  • The workshop fee: INR 500/-


All Payment will be accepted only through cheque or demand draft made to “IRACON2018” payable at Guwahati. Registration can also be done through Net banking. Conference registration is must for registration in workshops. Please send the bank transaction slip along with the registration form to the conference secretariat

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